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Experience the Future of Blockchain with Oasys' L2 Chain Verse!

Get ready to elevate your blockchain gaming experience with ChainGuardians' new private chain, Chain Verse! Built on Oasys, Chain Verse offers fast, secure transactions and seamless custom online experiences with verifiable ownership and bridging of in-game assets from multiple chains.

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What is Oasys?

Experience Lightning-Fast Gaming with Oasys Architecture: The Ultimate Combination of Public L1 and Private L2 Blockchain Technology. Introducing TCG Verse: Oasys' State-of-the-Art L2 Blockchain Solution


ChainArena is a brand new chapter for SKULL Arena; showcasing a world of interoperable gameplay where players can utilise their ChainGuardian Characters within the Idle game and can also access exclusive SKULL Champions through either ChainBoost or via competitive gameplay.


ChainGunnies is the ultimate gamified Zombunny survival NFT game. You must endure endless waves of increasingly voracious Zombunnies assaults and vie for the Top of the Hops to become the best badass bunny out there!


Your ultimate Racing Game Journey! Be a Kart champion, destroy as many enemies as possible to earn a SkyPod to race our skies.


Your Adventure Awaits! Voxel Worlds unlock your infinite creativity! Build your worlds on a decentralized engine!

More Games coming soon